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We’ve had 12 hours of marriage equality here in the US (well, only 6 here in Harris County, Texas, where—just like when interracial marriage was legalized—local officials initially attempted to refuse to issue licenses).

There was a truly impressive amount of thunder earlier this afternoon, and I rushed to the windows in excitement because I’ve never seen a rain of toads before and that’s really something that should not be missed, but it was just regular water. Not even blood or acid or Mountain Dew or anything. I also had the presence of mind to check our safe… Our marriage license is still in there, and looks to be still valid. Then I checked my husband when he came home from work, and he’s definitely still not a woman. Finally, I went to YouTube and watched the sexiest scene of a woman to ever be filmed (Miranda Otto in full armor riding a warhorse into battle against the armies of Mordor), but while I have to admit it was really, really hot, I still don’t have the desire to touch anyone’s boobs—not even Miranda Otto’s.

So… I guess the world isn’t ending, and my marriage hasn’t dissolved, I haven’t suddenly become “gay married,” and I’m still straight. Having collected all of this empirical evidence, I feel pretty comfortable saying marriage equality is the best! Thank you, SCOTUS, for making me proud to be an American this day!

Now, let’s please make June 26 a holiday just like Loving Day.

Marriage Equality Map

(image via Hillary Clinton’s Facebook)