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Marvel Studios is lining up its production crew for Thor: Ragnarok, slated for release in summer 2017, and in a recent episode of Popcorn Talk, Umberto Gonzalez of Heroic Hollywood claimed that award-winning actor/director Kenneth Branagh might be returning to the franchise to direct once again.

Although an unconfirmed rumor at this point, this one actually has an excellent chance at coming to fruition. While promoting Cinderella, Branagh himself expressed interest in heading another Marvel film, telling The Hollywood Reporter, “I fondly remember good times working on Thor. So you always look to repeat that kind of thing, and if it happened again, I’d be delighted.”

Although Branagh’s first foray into the superhero genre is considered by critics to be one of the MCU’s weaker films, it was visually beautiful and a decidedly better film than its most recent sequel, Thor: The Dark World.

Personally, I am a fan of Branagh’s work, whether adapted from canonical literature or comics, and hope to see him rejoin Marvel’s ranks with Thor 3. His wealth of historical knowledge brings a unique perspective to Marvel’s take on Norse mythology, and his credits are full of films featuring female characters who possess agency, often despite being drawn from rather two-dimensional source material.

And besides, who better to handle a script full of faux-Elizabethan Asgardian speech than one of the world’s most respected Shakespearean directors?



Kevin Feige has dashed our dreams again. This, coupled with the confirmation that Ava DuVernay won’t be directing Black Panther, makes it a sad week for the MCU.